Privacy Policy

Sramic will collect various data from your browser that is only used to help you connect with new employers and job seekers. The goal of our data collection is only to increase the overall value of our service. In this policy we will describe some of the various personal information that we collect and how we respect this information in our privacy practices. We are not responsible for the ad networks and other websites that are used on our job creation site. We work to provide you only with the best personalized services and if you choose to let other outside applications or sites access your information in links or link services with Sramic you do so at your own risk.

1. The info we collect:

We collect information about your business and your profile as you use Sramic. The information that you share from your resume, contact information and personal information can be used to update your demographic information to improve the visibility of job postings. We may also collect browser information from third-party websites to enhance your overall experience and the advertising displays that we use in sections of the website.

2. How we use this information:

The goal of collecting this information is only to improve the value of the services that we offer. We also use this information as a means to improve our sites and the applications that we are developing. We may occasionally contact you for new updates, surveys and quality related feedback on Sramic as a result of the demographic data.

The information that you share with the public via your profile and resume may be accessed, stored and used by people around the world. It's indexed on search engines and we do offer some privacy options to limit access to your information only for legitimate users of our site.

3. Sharing your information:

We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. The goal of our information gathering is only to present better solutions to you. We disclose information when we are legally required to but overall we keep secure servers with all of the data collected from our users. We will not transfer or disclose information to any third party without your express authorization.

4. Storing info:

We will store interactions and various updated content so that you can review, update and correct it as needed with your account. If you would like to permanently delete your personal information please contact us today. We retain all of the nonpersonal information, logs and archival history data from your experience with Sramic only to improve your user experience.

We use cookies to improve the online experience you have with Sramic. We protect our website and our servers with the utmost of security measures and we reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notice.

Users of Sramic must be at least 13 years of age as well as provide a registered and verified e-mail address.

If you have any concerns about our use of data or your privacy please contact us today.