Terms and Conditions

In this terms of use you can begin to understand some of the main responsibilities and rights that you have as a user of Sramic.

Reminder of privacy:

Never provide pertinent data like bank account numbers, credit cards, bank account numbers or a Social Security number for an employer or user of Sramic. This is data that should be kept secure and private.

This page states the basic terms of use for Sramic and they define the basic terms of use for all pages controlled by Sramic and its subsidiaries.

Sramic reserves the right to change these terms at any time and post an updated version to this page. Please visit this page regularly to view new terms as they will be binding upon the new post update.

Users who violate our terms of use could potentially have their access to Sramic revoked and their accounts permanently suspended or deleted.

You must be at least 13 years of age or older to visit our site and use our site. If you are under the age of 18 it's required that you use our site under the supervision of a parent, responsible adult or legal guardian.

Use of our content:

Access to our resources and tips include the ability to print and copy a single version of our articles and images for your own reference use. In doing so you maintain to preserve all trademark and copyright on these copies and to not reuse them for any commercial purpose.

By using our site you agree not to modify, sell, distribute or reproduce any of the content on Sramic. Although you may use it for personal reference our content should not be distributed for public or commercial use. The use of our content or any of the websites controlled by Sramic may be restricted if you are found generating or using our content for purposes which are in violation of our terms.

Use of services:

Our services may only be used by individuals both seeking employment and companies seeking employee vacancies. You may also use Sramic for personal networking purposes but if you are accused of harassment or spamming users we reserve the right to restrict your account. Any of the information that you publish, display or submit on Sramic is done so at your own risk and you are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your account. Please select appropriate passwords and protect your account access information as required.

Users also agree not to:

Decompile and reverse engineer aspects of Sramic.

Use data mining robots or gathering/ extraction methods on our site.

Violate security of our site through probing, scanning or testing vulnerabilities.

Copy or duplicate previous job or profile information that is available on Sramic including expired listings unless expressly permitted by our admin team.

Post a profile or apply for a job on behalf of another person.

Set multiple job seeker/employer profiles for the same user

Set several copies of the same resume on a profile.

Share your third-party login credentials for our site.

Violate another user's privacy by using their login credentials to view on authorized access information.

Delete or alter material on a person's profile

Solicit passwords for other users

Post content of a mature nature

Harass or advocate harassment for a company, group or user.

Interfere with host or network practices through spamming, crashing or other methods.

Promote illegal activity.

Employers also agree not to:

Misleading information.

Adult information or adult job postings that exploit people in a violent or sexual nature.

Sell or advertise their products or services

Post commission only opportunities

Request donations

Similar business job portal companies are not allowed to post their client jobs unless otherwise with proper approval from sramic.